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((Well, I was apparently tagged by :devAsk-SereneVioLink: and I have a rule that if I'm tagged, I will do it. But, to make it a bit fun, I'm going to do as if Zellie has found the list instead of me. Haaa~))

Upon traveling around Clocktown, the princess noticed that it seemed as crowded as it could possibly be. The creepy bank teller was swarmed with seven or eight people, and others rushed by like they had somewhere to be. She and a few others had been staying in the inn, and although there were only two rooms available, there were quite a few people staying in there. As she entered the main bazaar, she noticed a piece of paper drifting in the air. Reaching out, she took hold of it, and looked at what it said.

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
3) You must tag 11 people.
4) Go to their page and tell them that they've been tagged.
5) No tag backs!

Was this some sort of game? It sounded interesting, what ever it was, so she took out a small pencil and wrote beside each number. As she scribbled her answers, she read them out loud.

1. "My friends are very important to me."

2. "I happen to like trains very much."

3. "My crown use to be my favorite accessory, but now it's not..." She trailed off after this one.

4. "I'm not a fan of physical exercise."

5. "I am an only child."

6. "Unlike my father, I like to sleep with my socks on."

7.  She was starting to struggle now, "I tend to talk to myself often."

8. "When Hyrule wasn't a mess, I liked to visit the Great Bay."

9. "I really would like to have a travel companion of some sort..."

10. "I don't really care for flying, although I love Skyloft."

11. "I sing in the shower." Zelda laughed a little.

After checking off everything on the list, the paper slipped out of her hands by a strong gust of wind, "No, wait!" The princess rushed to no avail after the paper, until it had left her sight. With a sigh, she continued walking back toward the inn, "Oh well..."


Princess Zelda
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Name: Princess Zelda
Age: 12
Race: Hylian

She is has a deep care of her country and the people who live in it. She worries quite easily. She will do everything in her power to try and keep things at peace. Zelda does not like to fight unless it is absolutely necessary.





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